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October 28, 1999

One day, I was in the dorm at Seattle Pacific University, and I suddenly realized, much to my dismay, that I could not think of a single poem that contained the word "discombobulated," despite its poetic possibilities. I hastened to my computer and fixed that problem. I included the word "unsophisticated" for the benefit of my then-roommate Greg Piper, who enjoys sophistication. I also set the poem to a techno tune, and who knows? I might even record it some day. :-) Of all the poems I have written, this has far and away the most rhymes. (FYI, "discombobulated" means "thrown into utter confusion")


On the road I skated
And I rollerbladed
A racket I created!

To the mob I stated
My speech right now is slated

I stated and restated
Jack Sprat is underweighted
His wife is overweighted

The two were unrelated
Until the day they were mated
Her hair he daily braided
And they were both elated

Until the Vikings raided
Their house they had invaded
Their ego was deflated
And those men they hated

Their home was desecrated
Their glory, it soon faded
They became outdated

Their language he translated
The verbs he conjugated
To Norway they were crated
They were unsedated

To a land they were freighted
On a great ship, gold-plated
Their happiness negated
The Vikings they berated

Their birthday cards belated
Their arrival long-awaited
Their fury unabated
The Vikings soon were jaded

Against their will they aided
And, boy, had they debated
Bibliography annotated
To them clearly dictated

Their sla-ve-ry was fated
In the ground they spaded
While the Vikings recreated

They left so much unstated
The snow was underrated
And their teeth they grated
Their eyes were soon dilated

Escaped! They soon vacated
Their home was reinstated
Architecture they updated
Gothic they predated

This song is overrated
People interrelated
This song is terminated!


All poetry © Steven Sauke. All Rights Reserved.