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Steven's Poetry

This is a small sample of the poems I’ve written over the course of my life. Some are very serious. Some are exciting. Some are just plain wacky. Enjoy!

The life of Joseph, son of Israel, Governor of Egypt

A Nightmare and a Legacy
In memory of the students and professors massacred at Virginia Tech in April of 2007
In English, French and German

A tribute to the comrades in arms who fought in World War II and are now buried in American cemeteries, their names "known but to God"

Words @ Random
Saying words at random: one of my more pointless poems

Celebrating the United States' rich history

Swim with the Salmon
Going against the flow

The Cactus
Letting go of pain and giving it to God

A gripping story of an abduction by Vikings

Hammer and Nails
All about the great reformer Jonathan Edwards


All poetry © Steven Sauke. All Rights Reserved.