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Steven's Design

This is a sample of my painting and design work. Would you like me to paint or design something for you? Contact me at smsauke at gmail dot com and let's talk.


Handcrafted Accordion Book (Front Cover), 2011, multimedia   Handcrafted Accordion Book, 2011, multimedia

11x17 inch Visual Poem, using my poem Words at Random in French   Self Portrait, 2011, Acrylic on Canvas   "The King's Scepter", 2012, Acrylic on Canvas   Victor Hugo, 2012, Text Portrait

"Le mont Rainier", 2012, Acrylic on Canvas   "Fort Worth", 2012, Acrylic on Canvas   "I Was the Lion", 2012, Acrylic on Canvas

Darcy Jamieson, 2012, Illustration   Charlie Ostlie, 2012, Illustration   Bob Smiley, 2012, Illustration   Josh Turner, 2012, Illustration

Aaron Olson, 2012, Illustration   Andy and Jill Brasfield, 2012, Illustration   Tim and Annika Piehler, 2012, Illustration

CD Cover (Front and Back)   CD Cover (Liner Notes)